Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, dating back to the 17th century, is a recommended treatment for injuries and illnesses. It is the only effective method of delivering oxygen to all body cells - find out about its power yourself.

It's not alchemy - it's pure science!

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is an internationally recognised medical therapy. It uses
pressure higher than atmospheric pressure, causing oxygen's removal of physiological barriers
to penetrate tissues. As a result, this element can penetrate places which are difficult to get to -
i.e. areas with poor blood supply, such as wounds.

When breathing atmospheric air, oxygen is transported to the alveoli and from there passes
directly into the blood plasma, where it combines with hemoglobin 97.5% of the time - only
about 1%
is dissolved in the plasma. The remaining amount of inhaled oxygen remains unused.

During HBOT treatment, the oxygen pressure increases significantly - this results in virtually
complete saturation of hemoglobin with oxygen. A higher amount of delivered oxygen is achieved
by increasing its solubility in plasma, cerebrospinal fluid, and the lymphatic system.

Oxygen therapy, causing even a dozen times increase of oxygen in the body, activates the
body's repair mechanisms. Under the influence of this method of treatment, the work of the
immune system is improved as well as the body's ability to eliminate toxins and heavy metals
from the system increases, thanks to which it is able to regenerate faster and fight pathogens.
Moreover, the work of plenty of body systems is improved - respiratory, digestive, circulatory,
nervous or osteoarticular.
What is important, the therapy also has an analgesic and
anti-inflammatory effect.

HBOT - a reliable weapon in the fight against the side effects of COVID-19

Some of the most common complications of COVID-19 observed by doctors include prolonged fatigue comparable to CFS - chronic fatigue syndrome, so-called "brain fog". It characterizes by orientation and communication problems, tendency to forget and inability to concentrate for long periods, and cardiovascular problems.
In China, studies on the impact of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on the side effects of COVID-19 have demonstrated that oxygen therapy is an effective medical treatment. Incorporated into the recovery process, it guarantees an improvement in the patient's condition and provides natural support to conventional therapy. Better oxygenated cells or more dissolved oxygen in plasma means accelerated cellular metabolism and thus more efficient organ functioning. Oxygen therapy gently but effectively stimulates the immune system.

Proper oxygenation of the body is a guarantee of maintaining body balance


  • slowing down the aging process
  • regeneration after aesthetic dermatology treatments
  • psoriasis, rashes, erythema
  • bacterial infections and skin mycosis
  • atopic dermatitis
  • acne, including rosacea
  • allergies


  • improving performance and physical condition
  • regeneration after physical activity
  • muscle regeneration, reduction of acidification
  • sports injuries, including bones and soft tissues of the limbs
  • reduction of fat tissue
  • acceleration of recovery
  • reduction of body dehydration


  • atherosclerosis
  • hypertension
  • diabetic foot


  • ADHD
  • autism
  • Alzheimer's disease
  • Parkinson's disease
  • depression
  • chronic stress
  • multiple sclerosis MS


  • peptic ulcer disease
  • intestinal obstruction


  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • rheumatoid and degenerative joint diseases (including RA)
  • osteoporosis
  • radiation-induced bone necrosis
  • osteoarthritis


  • autoimmune diseases
  • chronic inflammatory diseases
  • borreliosis
  • boosting of the immune system


  • systemic diseases
  • pain (e.g. rheumatic diseases, migraines)
  • treatment of difficult to heal wounds
  • prevention of chronic diseases
  • support of overweight and obesity treatment
  • treatment of edemas
  • anaemia
  • support of infertility treatment

A non-invasive and completely safe solution for you and your loved ones

A typical oxygen therapy treatment takes place in a special chamber and consists of several minute cycles of breathing hyperbaric oxygen, during which the patient breathes pure, 100% oxygen. In practice it is a simple and safe way to improve health and well-being.

In hyperbaric therapy, single or multiplace chambers come in different shapes, allowing both horizontal and sitting positions. 1.3 ATA pressure devices, including medicalOx chambers, are one of the most popular and safest chambers with a soft structure. They are easy to operate and comfortable to use. Additionally, oxygen is obtained directly from the concentrator, therefore the treatment does not require an additional oxygen cylinder.

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  • MS (multiple sclerosis)
  • fractures, hard to heal wounds, diabetic foot
  • gastrointestinal problems: constipation, flatulence, celiac disease
  • burns, frost-bites
  • psychological and psychiatric problems: depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, neurosis
  • sexual problems, impotence
  • children: autism, Down syndrome, ADHD
  • headaches, migraines
  • sports medicine: increasing physical capacity, increasing VMax (maximal oxygen consumption), after training recovery
  • acne
  • after COVID recovery
  • carbon monoxide infections
  • pneumoconiosis - miners’ occupational disease
  • borreliosis
  • after strokes rehabilitation


  • pulmonary diseases with carbon dioxide retention, e.g. severe stage COPD
  • pregnancy
  • chemotherapy treatment: Bleomycin (ever), Doxorubicin, Cisplatinum, Disulfiram, Mafenide
  • acetate (Sulfamylon) - oncologist consultation prefered
  • ongoing or recent history of optic neuritis
  • haemorrhage
  • convulsions
  • pneumothorax
  • aneurysms

Additionally, oxygen therapy is not recommended along:

  • ongoing viral infections and fever
  • runny nose (inability to equalize pressure in the middle ear)
  • ear and sinus disorders

You should wait from entering the chamber

  • 3-4 weeks after upper teeth extraction (maybe sinus related)
  • 2-3 weeks after vaccination - oxygen therapy sessions inhibit inflammatory processes in the body, to produce the post-vaccination response.

HBOT chamber treatment

Using the HBOT hyperbaric chamber does not require any special procedure. However, it is advisable to read the following tips, which will make the treatment even more comfortable and effective.


A light meal should be consumed two to three hours before the treatment, while carbonated beverages should be avoided for four hours prior to the session. On the day of the treatment one should absolutely avoid consuming alcohol.

Before entering the chamber, a basic medical interview is carried out to assess the parameters of the session. At this stage, one is informed about the procedure of the treatment.


  • wear comfortable, airy (preferably cotton) clothes - without any metal elements
  • if you use contact lenses - take them off for the time of the procedure
  • take off jewelry and any metal elements (also dentures)
  • wash off make-up - substances contained in cosmetics may react with oxygen
  • use the toilet - the entire session speeds up metabolism
  • take glucose candy with you (in case of hypoglycaemia) as well as chewing gum or
  • sugar-free candy (fluctuations in the chamber pressure may be accompanied by a feeling of
  • "clogged ears" and temporary hearing impairment)
  • CAUTION: do not take flammable items (e.g. lighters) into the chamber


  • the feeingl of pressure gradually increases - "ear plugging" might occure (to eliminate this discomfort, swallow saliva/chew gum or sugar-free candies, move your jaw or tilt your head from side to side, or try to evoke yawning)
  • depending on the chamber model - you can sleep, lie down, sit, read a book (it is not recommended to use electronics, especially equipment with damaged or broken screen glass)
  • at the end the pressure is gradually lowered to the atmospheric pressure and the patient can leave the chamber


  • two to three hours after the treatment there is a significant energy boost
  • after the first session better sleep quality can be noticed (faster falling asleep, reduction of problems connected with night awakenings and premature waking up)
  • after a few regular sessions (five to ten) you will notice better general condition, more energy and life force (woounds heal faster, inflammations are soothed and skin problems are reduced)