ST901 Soft Type Hyperbaric Chamber intended for two people

Modern, innovative technology for everyday use available to everyone

Compact design

● Light weight, so that you can easily change the position of the chamber.
● High strength TPU material of the chamber.
● Sturdy but not heavy frame that maintains the proper position of the chamber.
● Soft wall construction for easy assembly and disassembly.

Intuitive and safe use

● The chamber has safety valves and windows that allow the patient to see what is happening outside of the ongoing oxygen therapy session.
● Constant patient-staff contact.
● Comfortable compression and decompression and patented device self-service.

Modern design

● Colours that match any interior.
● Elegant compartment base that protects the unit from getting dirty.
● Neat other-devices-holes and windows lightening the device inside.
● White colour in the interior of the chamber optically enlarges the device.

Documented health benefits

● improved oxygenation throughout the body
● inhibition of inflammation
● increase in stem cells
● strengthening of the immune system in the bone marrow
● reduction of swelling
● purification from toxins

Low operating and maintenance costs

The chamber and its components have low power consumption. It is enough to change filters (which are included in the package) every 6/8 months.

ST901 Soft Type Hyperbaric Chamber intended for two people

Designed especially for two people, so it can be used both at home and in an oxygen therapy salon, for example by a parent with a child. It provides the highest level of comfort - the best choice for those who like freedom and space.

MedicalOx chambers are not medical devices as defined by the Medical Devices Act and other regulations.

Additional equipment

Railing facilitates the entry to the chamber.

The great seven benefits

WHY YOU SHOULD CHOOSE medicalOx devices

Twelve months of full warranty
Post-warranty service
Possibility of purchasing spare parts
Free instructional materials and training (also online)
Qualified team of specialists national service
Technical and content-related on-site and remote support
Marketing support through effective promotion channels and convenient financing on attractive leasing terms for out partners